Custom Dyno Tuning

Using our in house chassis dyno we can create custom calibrations to suit any engine combo. With over 15 years of tuning experience across many platforms, we are comfortable and confident working with a wide variety of engine setups and tuning software.

Race Support

We provide a large range of track side support services to our clients. Whether you need basic mechanical support or are looking for a qualified calibrator to keep your engine running 100% throughout an event we can provide a package that works for you.

EFI Diagnostics

Don’t sacrifice another race event due to unforeseen problems! We can duplicate and diagnose most EFI problems on our dyno, and if we can’t, we’re conveniently located on site at Calabogie Motorsports Park making it easy for us to be waiting trackside or riding along while your vehicle is put through its paces.



  • 462 Wilson Farm Rd, Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0